Are you concerned
about the safety
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Kinross's current plan for transporting ore is dangerous and unacceptable.

The plan poses environmental hazards to our communities for which no impact statement has been filed. It has the potential to cut off our communities from food, necessities and emergency services. And it could increase crime against our communities.

Unreasonable risk doesn't belong in our communities.

The recent Mahn Choh proposals in Tetlin have raised concerns over how the project was started. The lack of governmental oversight in the process, which is required of most operations of this magnitude, is also alarming.

Kinross and Contago want to use Alaska’s public highways to transport ore in vehicles that will weigh more than 164,000 pounds when loaded. The proposed 200-mile route to haul this ore to a refinery north of Fairbanks will cross five bridges. Many of those bridges were built during the World War II era.

This situation poses risks to our communities because:

  1. The normal protocols for environmental safety have been ignored for this project. This allows the possibility of damaging the environment and eliminating vital food resources for our Native communities in the area.
  2. Questions concerning the proposed ore-haul route have been ignored. The public highways will be used by numerous 96-foot-long ore haulers. The lack of proper vetting of safety protocols for school buses, bus stops, bridges and pedestrians is unacceptable.
  3. The ability to ensure the safety of the people in our communities has not been proven. Dangers related to “man camps” have been shown to accompany operations in the extractive ore industry, including:
    • An increase in violent crime.
    • A drain the resources of a region wherever they begin operations.

What are we doing about it?

The Committee for Safe Communities advocates and educates about community, road safety, socioeconomic, and environmental safety concerns impacting all Alaskans.

All Alaskans deserve the right to enjoy our beautiful state free from unreasonable risks to their personal safety and as required by state and federal laws.

What we want is simple, really:

  1. We want our government officials to hold Kinross/Contago to the same standards as others have been. We ask for the proper environmental and safety studies as required by state and federal laws.
  2. We request that mining officials release the plan developed to ensure the safety of our residents as well as the safety of everyone using the highways.
  3. We demand that this project be placed on hold until ALL the required studies, permits and safety plans have been completed and vetted by non-biased professionals. This will ensure that our environment, highways, and food sources will not be compromised.

To do this, we are working to hold our government officials accountable to the standards that have been in place for decades in our beautiful state. And, we are educating people along the proposed route to ensure they are aware of the dangers this project poses.

From the Anchorage Daily News: Group sues state of Alaska to stop mining company from trucking ore on Interior public roads 

How can you help?

Ready to take action? It’s easy to make your voice heard:

  1. Sign up to stay in the loop of our latest activities.
  2. Donate to help with legal costs related to ensuring compliance will be met. Or, donations may be mailed to:
    Committee for Safe Communities
    PO Box 70488
    Fairbanks, AK 99707
  3. Contact your state officials and let them know you are concerned about this project and the safety protocols that have been ignored.
Photo of a very long ore truck
95-foot-long ore haulers like this one are expected to hit the highway every 12 minutes, all day, every day.

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